This is a page of the weapons seen in Rise of the Assassins.

  • Fists
  • Hidden Blades
  • Throwing Knives
  • Firearms
  • Hidden Gun
  • Bow


Fists are used a lot, although they are not very effective. They are usually used when one is completly unarmed.

Hidden BladesEdit

The hidden blades are an Assassin's "best friend". Mostly used for stealth attacks but they CAN be used for duel wielding with another item.

Throwing KnivesEdit

Throwing knives are a great weapon for steath attacks. Plus long range weapons. Great for killing from rooftops or afar.


Things such as M5-48 which is a pistol, are great to use although unless you have a silencer, you will be seen and known quickly.

Hidden gunEdit

The hidden gun is an add-on to the Hidden Blade(s). It is much like a firearm but is smaller and shoots with deadly accuracy. But because of how time has passed the Hidden gun is always silent.


The bow is usually used by James Douwn. A great stealth weapon, and if your trained enough, you sometime just can't miss.

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